Finishing Packages

Gold package :

4420 EGP


Works Statements

1- Plumbing

Guaranteed BR feed

Smart exchange

Finishing Turkish mixers

Ideal Standard bathroom sets (plan)

Stainless kitchen pot, 2 Turkish burners, one bathroom.

2- Electricity

Dema wire is certified

18 line panel

Finishing Venus, light current (internet + phone + TV)

The number of LED meters is 80

The number of squirrels is 80 m

3- Ceramic

Ceramica Cleopatra or similar, first sorting, provided that the price per square meter does not exceed 180 pounds.

4- Insulation

Cement insulation for bathrooms and kitchen.

5- Carpentry doors

Press doors covered with oak veneer and ester paint

Chinese armored apartment door

6- Finishing works

Sealer layer

2 cement paste knife

paste knife ready


A shot

2 layers of Sipes

7- Decoration

Two sides wallpaper or something similar.

8- Kitchen marble

Egyptian according to customer request

9- Alumetal

Small for kitchen and bathrooms only PS

10- Air conditioning

Establishment of reception

The number of meters is 3 m

11- Overheads

White gypsum board, lighting House

The number of meters is 80 m

12- Design


13- Gift

Gypsum board bathroom and kitchen ceiling


– Package (half finishing).
– An additional 500 pounds per meter is added if the apartment does not have shells or shavings.
– The calculation of architectural modifications will be added according to the project engineer’s discretion.
– The calculation of windows is added according to the number of meters, the calculation of the meter and the type.
– The area is calculated according to the measurements and not according to the area recorded in the contract.

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