Finishing Packages

Large package :

12000 EGP


Works Statements

1- Plumbing

Wire BR

Converted as a German syllable

Grohe burial box

Duravit soft hanging base

Burial shower tray

Grohe mixers

1 shower cabin

For 2 bathrooms

Smart kitchen sink.

Grohe shower with smart jet for one bathroom.

2- Electricity

Certified Swedish wires

Spanish Schneider or Cheno finish

Create a remote control circuit for the reception

24-line electrical panel and living room

Sound system complete unit

The number of LED meters is 200 m

Sparrows 200m.

LED profile 50m.

Magnetic LED (counting the 15 meter magnetic LED).

3- Floors

Reception floors and corridors are imported marble (Brescia - Emperador - Carrara)

Crossings and niches of Spanish Emperador marble

Turkish or ceramic Cleopatra parquet slices, first sorted, HDF rooms

Provided that the price per meter does not exceed 400 pounds

The walls of the kitchen and bathroom are first-class ceramic

Provided that the price per square meter does not exceed 300 pounds

Marble bathroom decorations (shelves)

Imported marble apartment door threshold (dark emperador)

4- Insulation

Cement insulation with Smart guarantee

5- Bishop

It includes making a gypsum board for the total area of the apartment, including lighting

Green gypsum board for the reception, rooms and bathrooms

And gypsum board for the kitchen

On the area of the apartment.

6- Futec

The number of meters of audio (pans - cornices) is 250 metres.

7- Carpentry doors

Carpentry doors 7

8- Paints

Sealer layer

2 cement paste knife

paste knife ready


A shot

2 layers of Jotun

9- Kitchen marble

Egyptian according to customer request

10- Alumetal

Large PS Windows sector

Frosted glass for bathrooms and kitchens only

Wire windows

11- Air conditioning

Establishment for the flat

The number of meters is 30 m

12- Design


13- Marble alternative

7 M

14- Wood alternative

6 M

15- Imported stone

10 M

16- Sound system

Supply and installation of sound systems

17- Security cameras

Intercom Smart

18- Smart Home

Smart layt system supply and installation for the total area of the apartment

19- Gift

Two air conditioners for the apartment above 160 meters.

20- Maintenance work

Free for a year


– Package (half finishing).
– An additional 500 pounds per meter is added if the apartment does not have shells or shavings.
– The calculation of architectural modifications will be added according to the project engineer’s discretion.
– The calculation of windows is added according to the number of meters, the calculation of the meter and the type.
– The area is calculated according to the measurements and not according to the area recorded in the contract.
– The final decorations are chosen according to the client’s taste and are agreed upon before the final finishing.

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